Fireside Parliament Publishing & Consulting is Launching!

"Firesides shall be parliaments, our cottages be towers." John Clare


Fireside Parliament is a service-oriented consulting organization. We help people gather around a fireside, a kitchen table, or a conference room to spark, inspire and create solutions and projects.

As successful leaders and educators for over 40 years, Anne and Claudio Morelli bring extensive experience and professionalism to all programs, we are involved.

Our current mission is to create a book publishing and consulting company dedicated to producing and sharing the work of aspiring authors who are looking to self-publish their books. We also want to use our extensive experience to help grow and transform individuals, organizations and communities.

We want to do this in the same spirit Clare envisioned. Where people are gathering and collaborating to support and assist one another in creating innovative projects, dear to their hearts.

Why now? Both of us are currently involved in writing our books. Frankly, we did not know how to proceed with publishing after writing our manuscripts. We tried to figure it out on our own. We contacted publishing companies. What we found out surprised us.

What did we find out? We learned that many authors are unaware of the many detailed steps needed to produce a published work of art eventually. We also found out that there is a high cost of retaining a service to publish. Also, publishers will not even consider authors who have not been published yet. So what do aspiring authors do?

Thankfully, as a contributing author to Inspirations, a self-published book published by As You Wish Publishing, Anne connected us with other authors. These authors shared practical information to help us understand the self-publishing process. As aspiring authors, this has improved our knowledge significantly and gave us the impetus to help and support those who are discouraged,

We now believe that we can help authors to navigate the self-publishing process. We will help by planning and creating a roadmap that will help guide the author to eventual publication. As well, our fees will not cause the author to reconsider publishing because of the cost. We believe we can produce your masterpiece with care, with collaboration without costing a lot of money.

So if you are interested in Fireside to support you, please contact us. We are ready to serve you.

Claudio Morelli